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The Leading Generative AI for

Customer Support Automation

Switch from transactional to relational customer service. Personalize your customer experience while saving costs.

Redesign Customer Service with
Cloe - The All-in-One AI Platform

Unlock the full potential of your customer service team. Cloe empowers you to handle more tickets, resolve issues faster, and optimize your operations to focus on what really matters. Experience the future of customer service today.


Plug-in the Power
of AI in Seconds.

Do not buy the next tool. Supercharge your existing apps you are already in love with. We only need seconds to connect Cloe with your tool stack allowing you to elevate customer services.

  • No coding needed

  • Faster time to value

  •  Short payback period 

Turn AI into ROI. shape 1.png
Turn AI into ROI. shape 1.png


Triage to a Human Agent without Reading any Word.

Automatically tag each ticket or conversation with intent, topic and sentiment, then prioritize and route based on urgency.

  •  Faster response time

  •  Fewer manual tasks

  •  Real understanding, no keywords


Synthesize Knowledge
and Create Context.

Do not lose time toggling between apps to find the information you need. Unlock the power of Generative AI finding relevant information and generating customer-specific suggestions based on millions of documents in your company's knowledge base at scale.

  • Higher team productivity

  • Faster on-boarding of new hires

  • Tech triumphs talent shortage

Turn AI into ROI. shape 1.png
Turn AI into ROI. shape 1.png


Ticket Resolution on
Auto-Pilot in Seconds.

Answering frequently asked questions has never been easier. Switch on the co-pilot mode that Cloe can learn from you before Cloe runs on auto-pilot and generate highly personalized messages with confidence. You will have much more time to focus on more complex inquiries.

  • Lower cost per ticket

  • Faster time to resolution

  • Happier customers


Actionable Insights
at your Fingertips.

When you're focused on delivering exceptional service, a fresh perspective is key. Gain actionable insights in real-time to continuously improve your customer experience and drive growth, retention, and loyalty.

  • Measure ROI instantly

  • Identify trending topics

  • Track performance in real time

Turn AI into ROI. shape 1.png
background HERO AREA.png

Cloe Makes the  Difference

Suoercharge your end to end customer service lifecycle on one AI platform.

Get started
in days not weeks

Experience hassle-free onboarding with us. Our super-fast onboarding offers customizable solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing tools, giving you the confidence to scale in just a few days.

Reduce your First
Response Time by 40%

Don't restrict your customers to a single channel - give them the flexibility to communicate with you wherever they want. 

With our omnichannel approach, you can take advantage of the speed of direct responses across all channels reducing FRT and keeping your customers happy. 

10x Boost in
CS Team Capacity

Doing more with (much) less is the new business imperative. Cloe maximizes efficiency and ROI for your support teams with a toolkit of premium AI solutions and empowers you to increase your ticket resolution rate by up to 90% in the same time period.

Become a
Loyalty Leader

A powerful brand necessitates a strong focus on customer experience. Unlock the power of your customer's voice with real-time analytics to evaluate pain points helping you to drive self-service and proactive assistance. No matter how you measure customer success, your customers will love the difference it makes.

Personalize Services
with Generative AI.

Cloe unifies customer insights across your entire tool stack, allowing for personalized responses. With domain-specific Large Language Models (LLMs) in 100+ languages, Cloe creates answers in your brand’s tone of voice, leaving agents to simply review and approve

Work Smart
Not Hard

Your team put in hard work each day. To keep going with the same motivation and energy, Cloe automates boring repetitive tasks which harm the team performance and provide the help they need to focus on more complex knowledge work.  Happy team, happy customers. 


Fluent in Your
Domain Language

Our adaptive AI technology is pre-trained based on terabyte of industry-specific documents and text snippets, so that its super fast to adapt Cloe to your specific use case and business needs, delivering personalized service in record time.


Insurance services, assistance and even more claims are often emotional events for customers. They expect fast and empathetic responses from their insurance carriers in a natural, human-like way, simplifying complex language and helping them navigate the intricacies of their policies. By delivering exceptional customer service, carriers can minimize stress for their customers and create a positive reputation in the market.


Over 30% of the population monitor their bank and trading accounts on a daily basis, which can lead to a lot of questions. FinTech companies should redesign their customer services to build trust and foster closer relationships with their clients. Our state-of-the-art technology provides fast and consistent support via any channel, empowering customers to self-serve and agents to resolve issues quickly in compliance with laws and regulations ensuring consumer safety.

Retail + E-Commerce

E-commerce and retail transactions often involve complex logistics, order tracking, and product information, making it crucial to have strong customer service to address any issues or questions that may arise. Instantly resolve common tickets to save support costs and boost customer satisfaction

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Work with your new digital worker

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